Heavy lifting equipment

Building any type of structure requires a wide assortment of different equipment and machinery to ensure a safe, fast, and efficient construction process. One of the most, if not THE most, important pieces of equipment is heavy lifting equipment. Moving, lifting, and lowering any kind of loads such as other machinery and equipment or segments of the structure, requires a high degree of precision and careful handling to ensure the safety of the workers as well as the load itself.

There’s a multitude of different lifting equipment in construction to choose from, making it a difficult task to know which one is ideal for your specific use case and project. Spare yourself this headache with Bygging-Uddemann. We offer the gold standards of heavy lifting equipment, universal solutions that can handle practically all types of heavy loads whose placement or removal requires a high level of precision – the rod and strand hydraulic climbers.

The Rod climbers

The rod climbers are at the heart of Bygging-Uddemann. Small and lightweight, but giant as far as lifting capacity is concerned. The special characteristics of rod climbers are their flexibility and large lifting capacity in relation to their size.

Our rod climbers may be subdivided into two systems: smaller jacks of 100 kN capacity, and larger solid steel rod jacks of 12-400 ton capacity. They are suitable for pretty much any kind of heavy loads such as flue pipes, formwork-structures, heavy-machinery, and complete bridge and other structural sections.

Explore the Bygging-Uddemann rod climbers.

The Strand climbers

Our strand climbers are meant to be used as lifting, pulling, and lowering devices for temporary mobile use on building sites, repair- and installation work within the industry and similar application areas where there’s a demand and need for flexible, easily object-adaptable heavy lifting equipment.

They allow for both horizontal and vertical pulling and lifting where the units can be linked together through a universal hydraulic system to handle very heavy loads.

Explore the Bygging-Uddemann strand climbers.

Advantages of our hydraulic lifting equipment in construction

1. Simplify your tasks

Construction requires multiple activities to be conducted simultaneously, and at a fast pace to be able to meet deadlines. A hydraulic heavy lifting machine such as a rod or strand climber trivializes the construction process, speeding it up, demands less manpower, and is easier to operate.

2. Increased safety

Bygging-Uddemanns heavy lifting machines allows for a reliable and more precise heavy lifting process, ensuring the safety of both the workers and the load itself.

3. Cost-effective

Heavy lifting machinery is often an expensive investment. They are however also very much essential investments for a construction company to be able to carry out their services. Hydraulic heavy lifting equipment such as the rod or strand climber not only allows your company to perform practically all types of projects and lifting of heavy loads, but the longevity of our equipment is also worth the investment alone.

4. Minimizing the space required

Unlike other heavy lifting equipment such as cranes, our hydraulic lifting machines require minimal space to operate. They are very compact, making them easy to carry and fit in restricted areas. Due to their size advantage, it can be put to use in situations where other equipment won’t fit.